Saturday, February 19, 2011


kepada kwan2 semua,

Kenapa mau lawan
Dulu sama-sama
Kongsi teh secawan

Kenapa mau lawan
Orang lain maju ke depan
Orang kita cari jalan
jatuhkan kawan

kenapa mau lawan
Kan ke cukup rezeki tuhan
Buat kita ramai-ramai makan

Bukan nak cari lawan
Sekadar nak ingatkan teman
Hati2 dengan gunting dalam lipatan

Kita sama-sama cari makan
Bila fikir masa depan
Jangan tabur pasir dalam periuk kawan

Cuba dikaji orang tua pesan
Kawan jadi lawan
Lawan jadi kawan

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hijrah : To The Better

To be honest, I feel like a fake. My quiet nature and not easily to trust people just make it harder for me to open up. I guess all my friends sees me as the calm type of person. But actually in my mind there are lot of things I wish I've the courage to tell them. Studying here and seeing all the hippocrates that surrounds me, just make me more afraid to tell on how I truly feel towards them. But that doesn't mean that I don't trust people, I do make friends here. Some true friendship whom I feel and I know they got my back. The funny thing is when I'm presenting a project work in front of the whole class, I don't feel afraid at all where most people would end up shivering and stuttering during their presentation. I guess it's my insecurities acting up again towards how people perception towards me make me prefer to shut my mouth up. So, in honour of Maal Hijrah, I need to make some improvements in order for me to enjoy life more. So, be brave mizah. Be brave. Fight for your right.. :DD

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Facebook is a site which is used by teens and adults alike for social networking. The Facebook application is owned and operated by Facebook, Inc., which was established in September 2006. This private website is founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Initially, Facebook was available only for students of Harvard University. It later then expanded to other universities in the United States and currently, it is serving more than 400 million users around the world. There are many benefits that Facebook offers such as it allows us to connect with oue friends and relatives, free to post anything on our wall and a great business opportunity.

Facebook lets you connect with you family, friends and relatives because of the popularity of the Facebook website; a lot of people are registering and becoming users of the application. Because of this, the website has become a common ground for people which results to finding an old friends, relatives and family members. This makes it is easier to interact and coordinate with them.

Another benefit of becoming a Facebook user is that we are able to post anything on our personal wall. The wall is a particular common ground for all of our friends and we ourselves. This is the page which gives us the latest information of posts and news from our friends. A lot of people are taking advantage of posting some information and updates of their own life. Besides this, the wall can also be used to announce the events such as wedding invitation, an outing, a reunion and a like. Through this wall, we can also tell our friends on how we feel. Finally, instead of written content, we can also add a video, pictures and music on our wall as well.

Facebook is a great opportunity for business apprentice to start a business. Facebook is a great opportunity for businesses to make their products known. Facebook is so popular that now it is considered as global business when advertising in Facebook. The growing numbers of Facebook users will be the market of any advertisement posted in the Facebook. Facebook could greatly benefit these businesses by increasing their income through advertising.

In conclusion, Facebook is like a tool of influencing people where we can influence people by connecting to them and building relationship. The relationship can be build through social media that makes everything so much easier and efficient.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Allah destiny...
no one knows what He sets for us...
just accept it willingly
although it brings deep sorrow and emptiness in our life
first it's my tok abah,
then its khairul...
right now, i feel numb in my life...
but i accept it...
may Allah protect you always...
soon or later, we'll meet...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Something came up.... not going to Johor for Raya.... instead Raya in Kuantan.... hurmmmm..... sad la....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am so thrilled and excited due to Raya is just behind the corner... I will be celebrating my Raya in Johor with my father family. So, that mean I need to bake a lot of Raya cookies as Raya celebration in my nenek Johor is so happening. All my father sibling are going back to Johor. I can imagine the cheerful laugh and chatter my family make when they gather as we are a close family. In addition, my nenek house is located in front of a beach. Beautiful, lovely beach that I learn how to swim in it. Plus, the beach is quite secluded from other houses and has the most beauty view in the kampung. So, can swim as long as I want without strangers watching and staring. I can't wait to hear the Raya song my grandmother would played in order to wake all of her grandchildren. All the dish of the day, she would make it her own. Her finger licking rendang, kuih, lemang, nut gravy (kuah kacang). And her perasak (traditional Bugist rice - like lemang except it is boiled or steamed in bananas leaf) is killer. The fragrance and taste is just making me wants to go to Johor right now. I too can imagine myself and my cousins taking a dip in the warm beach water. And don't start with the Raya money. As my father family relatives are so many, means that I will get a lot of Raya money collection this year. And in village, every year we would have a firecracker fight with the next village and usually we win. We can be quite adventurous with the firecracker. The firecracker sound would continues up until 1 am the night before Raya. Definitely Raya is the best moment that I will cherish forever. Raya has been so exciting since I was little and until now. The only festive that I have been waiting every year to celebrated.